Dropshipping is very Simple Process

Saanmi Retail provide you the products to sell. We have tie up with other sellers, vendors, Ecommerce Company for Product Fulfillment and inventory management.

Simultaneously, if you have your own products to sell, you shall sell those too.

SaanMI Retail – Saanmi.co.in provides you a complete end to end dropshipping services.

Some of the services we provide are:

1. Inventory- You don’t have to buy inventory ever. You can just start selling our products and make a retailer profit.

2. Product Photographs- We provide all the photos of fulfilled products.

3. Delivery Management- We’ll provide the delivery management for all the orders you get on selling our products.

4. Returns Management- We’ll handle the returns too

5. Prepaid & COD – Prepaid & COD orders are accepted by Us but in case of COD additional cost of 65 Rs is taken

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